Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Make-up blogs and vlogs!

Hey guys!

Since late last year I've been very fond of doing my make-up and for my friends as well. Also because of my job as VJ for South Spot (Channel 19 of Sky Cable and airs in DAVAO and GENERAL SANTOS city), I had to do my own make-up (For now that is, since their still fixing up a contract with a make-up artist and a stylist for my clothes).

I've been investing on make-up for the past few months and I could say that I have a hefty stack at home. From eyeshadow palettes to make-up brush sets to different types of eyeliner. I experiment on different shades and different looks. I can't say I'm a professional since I have no formal training. More on self-learning. Hee.

Anyway, I think it's time I share to you guys what I've learned so far. What I'm going to share is more on basic make-up, the brands I've tried, How to blend colors for your eyes, and maybe some hair tips as well. I hope you guys watch out for my blog and future vlogs for this topic. And maybe learn a thing or two for those who are just starting to do make-up or even to those who just simply love putting them on. Will give you a few quick tips with it!

Ciao Bellas! ;)

Summer look 
Smokey bronze look
(Examples from the internet)

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