Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finding a great BARGAIN!

"Good Friends" think alike. We may be different individually, but the most exciting thing that we could ever experience in a friendship is when you "get" each other, you say things that are utterly stupid at the same time, and you laugh like hyenas which make everybody stare. You might be wondering what's the connection of FRIENDSHIP with shopping, fashion, or bargains. Well, remember when I said Good Friends Think Alike? My friends, Carmen and Queen are just those kinds of friends that I can count on when "Bazaars" are in town. When you say BAZAARS, it's the perfect place to find the words like, "percent off!", "SALE!", or anything below a "P100".

It was a somewhat humid night for me and my friends when we went over Matina Town Square, where weekly bazaars take place and simply take every human female by storm. I am not kidding, numerous booths with endless choices for clothing, shoes, and accessories. Probably a girls dream, and the best part of it is that all are low-priced! Anyway, me and my friend Carmen came early. (SHOCKER!) Carmen is my good friend from New Zealand who simply loves fashion and shopping. She loves it so much she even studied for it. IN NEW ZEALAND! Moving on, we came early to avoid the complexity of being surrounded by so many people in a single area (And to think Matina Town Square is HUGE!). We looked around and from the first stop we saw SKIRTS hanging within this booth. To our utmost joy, they were priced below P300 each (Carmen got the one that was priced at P150, and mine was P250). After grabbing a bite we met up with our friend Queen. This time more people are in the area, this means -- humidity, sweating (eww), and dizziness! 

After endless browsing with my friends, I was able to purchase a lot of things for less than P1,000. Here are the things I got:
  1. Boho Dress at P430
  2. Hoop Earrings at P25/pair
  3. Loose Blouse (Printed) at P90 (I tell you, this is a BARGAIN!)
  4. White Sunglasses at P90
  5. Dark Brown Aviator type Sunglasses a P100
  6. Long tri-colored skirt at P250

I guess a little shopping spree made our day a lot better especially after that we planned our next day out to the UKAY-UKAY!

*A QUICK TIP: Stick to your budget. When you feel you need more, you don't. You just have to find the best bargain to get the best deals.

CIAO Bellas! ;)

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