Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunny Disposition!

I can't get over the line today. "Sunny Disposition". I guess this is how you describe my shoot earlier today with my favorite photographer of all time, Mr. Paul Borromeo. It was a very very lazy afternoon and as they all say, "boredom kills".

It started out as a simple conversation in Facebook and after that everything was history. We planned the shoot, no concept in mind just simple. We need a model, a MUA (Make Up Artist), clothes (duh?), and a location. And in a matter of minutes..oops! My bad.. seconds I mean.. we had a plan!

The model was going to be ME, MUA was also ME, and guess what? The clothes came from me too. It's no biggie really since Sir Paul was just doing me a favor since my boredom was really getting to me. So, what I did next was rummage into my closet and picked out something interesting. And I remembered that dress I bought from my friend's online facebook page, RAGS to RICHES (!/profile.php?id=100001249962415&ref=ts). I took out all my make-up out of the closet into one big bag, looked for the perfect pair of sandals to match my dress and accessories too. And I was off.

After a few minutes I was at LEADFOTO Studios in Juna Subdivision for the shoot. I got a little dizzy in the cab ride the way over there since I have this severe motion sickness. But enough about that and more on what happened. Anyways, 3pm and I was in the studio. Sir Paul just arrived and he opened the studio. I headed back to the studio with the Make-up room in it ('s so cool!), and started putting on make-up. It wasn't so complicated since everything was just all neutral colors for the eyes and pale pink lips and pink blush. I think I did a pretty good job. So by the time I finished hair and make-up, I called the photographers that I'm ready for the shoot.

In total, it was fun and wacky for that couple of hours taking pictures and talking with good old friends. A chance for me to dress up a bit and even put my make-up skills to the test. We plan scheduling another one, but I guess that should be left as a surprise.



  1. lol you bought the dress pala! hahaha! i didn't notice! hahaha!! nice one! :D

  2. yep. i did. it fit me so well man gud. so the impulsive shopper that i!